Wait, What?

Cards Against Humanities is a fan-made expansion for Cards Against Humanity. If you work in the Humanities or despise them for some other reason, you might enjoy this.

Cards Against Humanities can function on its own in a pinch, if you urgently need to hate the Humanities, but for better results you should mix it in with the original Cards Against Humanity deck and expansions.

We did not make the original Cards Against Humanity. These people did. It’s all their fault.

We are offering the free pdf version of Cards Against Humanities here under a creative commons license. Feel free to download and print and play with it (but please credit us as the creators of this fan expansion, and credit the game’s original creators).

If you want to buy a shiny printed deck of Cards Against Humanities, we will soon be able to sell you one of those. You can join our email list if you’d like to be notified when the shiny printed deck becomes available to order.

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